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Do you notice that most people who want to lose weight, don't because they are simply "too busy" and they think losing weight is difficult to do?


But what if busy wasn’t the problem and losing weight was easy?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could go about our day and lose weight even while sitting at the computer working all day – WITHOUT adding more busy to our lives or worrying that the scale won't go down?


Well, now we can and I am walking proof...along with hundreds of others seeing results right now from the Total Body Reset Challenge (TBR Challenge).


We are inviting you to join our Sexy Squad to finally get your sexy back!


We don’t intend to “let ourselves go” – it just happens while we are being good moms, wives, and/or employees.


For years I thought working out at the gym and eating “healthy” was the only way I could lose weight. When I finally got motivated, I went to spinning classes, I hit the treadmill at the gym, I ate salads…but still my results were SLOW.


It felt like I was running a race with no finish line.


Then, after having a baby and experiencing weeks of sleep deprivation, my body really was out of wack – I could just look at a cookie and gain weight!


All this changed on January 1, 2018.


I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks just by eating FOOD - not one work out and that turned into 20 pounds lost in 7 weeks.


How did I do it?


Dr. Oz came up with a brilliant plan that removes what I call "UGLY FOODS" from our diets.

UGLY FOODS harm our bodies, cause disease and sickness, and keep our metabolism slow and sluggish which means we continue to gain weight and have a hard time losing weight.


So, Dr. Oz has the science down, but I needed more if I was going to succeed.  I needed fun ways to stay motivated and accountable, plus I needed to find SEXY SWAPS to replace all the UGLY FOODS.


SEXY SWAPS are foods that taste delicious and satisfying so we don't feel like we are giving up certain foods. And of course they are foods that are packed with nutrition and help you lose weight.


I spent weeks and weeks, hours on end searching for the best SEXY FOODS to replace the UGLY foods creating meals that will blow your mind.


The bottom line:  THIS WORKS!  And it works better than I ever imagined.


I am in COMPLETE AWE.  It was always so hard for me to lose weight and now I feel like I have a magic wand to melt body fat week after week just by eating food!

Even though I own multiple businesses and I'm a busy mom, I said to myself, "I MUST SHARE this with other moms/women!!" IT'S LIFE CHANGING.


(I will say, I am a proponent of exercise, but with Sexy in 7 you decide when you want to start working out and in the meantime, you still lose weight.)


With the Total Body Reset Challenge all the work is done for you – the meal plan, recipes with easy instructions on how to cook (you will feel like I am right in your kitchen with you!), shopping lists, success tips, motivation activities, and MUCH more.


People pay coaches hundreds if not thousands of dollars to achieve the results that I am handing you on a silver platter.  BUT YOU WON'T HAVE TO 🙂


The Sexy in 7 Total Body Reset Challenge is like the Wonder Woman of Dr. Oz’s Plan.


Why it's different and why you will LOVE it:

  • NO more guessing game.
  • NO more ups and downs.
  • NO more procrastination.
  • NO more discouragement.
  • NO more weight loss gimmicks.
  • NO counting calories.
  • NO measuring portions.
  • NO diet pills or supplements.
  • NO gym membership.
  • NO working out (until you want to!).

When you sign up below, here's what you receive:


Sexy in 7 Total Body Reset Menu
Every meal for two weeks is mapped out for you with mouth-watering recipes. We give instructions on how to cook, prep ahead, and make substitutions for kids and for those not wanting to do the Sexy in 7 Plan (like my husband, but he actually eats 95% of what I make because it's that yummy).

Sexy in 7 Success Workbook
You will LOVE your Sexy in 7 Workbook with success tips, inspiration, fun mojo activities (aka motivation), daily meal plan, shopping lists, and a step-by-step guide on exactly what to do and what to expect. The information is easy to read and won't take up a lot of your time. It’s like having your own personal coach right at your fingertips.

Sexy in 7 Shopping Lists
It took me SO MUCH time to create meals and then make grocery lists when I did my TBR Challenge, so we make it easy for you with our pre-made weekly grocery list. Ready for you to load on your phone or print!

Sexy Squad Accountability Group
You will become a member to a private Facebook Group where we share our thoughts, progress, photos of meals, ideas, encouragement, and inspiration. This is a happy place. Also see daily motivational messages by me so you start each day in the right frame of mind. Plus, access to ask me and the group questions along the way.

Mojo Activities
Sexy in 7 makes your weight loss journey fun and inspiring...and to be frank...downright EASY!  We make sure you keep your mojo EVERY DAY by sharing activities that will keep you motivated. For example, the Sexy in 7 Vision Board, photo journaling, and even playing dress up.

Personalized Sexy Meals
When you sign up for the Total Body Reset Challenge you share your favorite foods with us and we will create a Sexy Meal Swap and upload to the Sexy in 7 Recipe Box. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love, but just swap them for sexy foods that will help you become a fat-burning machine.

Recipe Box
Not fond of something on the menu? As a member you get access to the Sexy in 7 tried and true recipe box. Every recipe has been taste-tested to ensure it meets our recipe standards: Real Food + Delicious. We have a cool feature so you can create shopping lists from our recipes to save you time -- and print recipe cards, too.

Sexy in 7 Inspiration (Mind, Body & Soul)
Transforming to your sexy self is so much more than looking sexy - although this is the exciting part. I believe that a true sexiness comes from within and radiates out. When your soul is sexy, your mind is sexy, and body is sexy - watch out! There's no stopping you! We will share inspiring stories, positive living tips, positive parenting tips, mediation tips, and more to keep your sexy self inspired.

Sexy in 7 Member Profile
As a member you get a customizable profile page on our website to share photos, progress, and connect with other Sexy Squad Members.

7 Day Promise
Every week you will make your 7 Day Promise. This is a commitment statement that you submit that shares what you promise to do just for the next week. Sexy in 7 works so well because we only look at one week ahead at a time - and that's it. "Just for this week, I promise to...."

Ready to join hundreds of moms and women on a journey to change your life forever and be shocked how easy it is?

Ready to feel the best you have ever felt in your life?

Ready to feel ALIVE?

Ready to be happy?

Ready to be the best you?

Sign up below!

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you truly follow the plan, this WILL WORK FOR YOU, BUT if you are not happy with the results, we will refund you.

*I am a Lifestyle Coach sharing information and my experience. I am not a certified nutritionist or physician although the base of the challenge is approved by Dr. Oz (we are not affiliated with Dr. Oz). FULL DISCLAIMER HERE.

Total Body Reset Challenge
Total Body Reset Challenge Includes: Sexy in 7 Total Body Reset Menu (2 weeks of sexy meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.) Sexy in 7 Workbook + Blueprint (Step-by-Step Guide) Sexy in 7 Grocery Lists Sexy Squad Accountability Group - PRIVATE Facebook Group Mojo Activities to keep you inspired and motivated Personalized Sexy Meals Recipe Box - easily print recipes and create your shopping list Sexy in 7 Inspiration (Mind, Body & Soul) Sexy in 7 Member Profile Page 7 Day Promise Two Bonus Guides

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