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Welcome to Sexy in 7!

Have you lost your sexy self? I know I did for a while after having a baby. On January 1, 2018 my life changed FOREVER.  The scale read 163 pounds (40 lbs more since the time I met my husband).  I was ready to get the old me back, but it had to fit well with my busy schedule.  Magically, I stumbled across the most amazing way to reset my body and metabolism – I even got my sexy back!  I lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks WITHOUT working out and just by EATING FOOD. Yup, that’s right!

In fact, the first 12 pounds was lost in just 14 days.

I feel free knowing that I found the holy grail of weight loss:

No more guessing game.
No more ups and downs.
No more procrastination.
No more discouragement.
No more weight loss gimmicks.

I feel ALIVE!

The best part, I feel happy when I look at myself in the mirror with no clothes on!  I will be that mom on the beach wearing a bikini this year 🙂

Does this sound like something you want, too?

Well, I have exciting news!  I want to share HOW I did it with you! I want to shout it from the rooftops – but I thought a website would be more practical 😉 If I can do it, you can do it. So, want to do it together?


weight loss without working out

The Sexy in 7 Difference

Hi, I'm Tasha, and as a busy, working mom I needed something EASY, HEALTHY, and QUICK to lose weight. The Sexy in 7 plan is all three!  Before, the only way I could lose weight was by working out at the gym for two hours five days a week while eating "healthy" - and even still, results took many months.  I needed something more practical for my busy life.  I was tired of doing nothing about losing weight simply because I had no time for the gym.  So I found a new way.

Here's what makes Sexy in 7 different and unique:

NO counting calories.

NO measuring portions.

NO diet pills or supplements.

NO gym membership.

NO working out (until you want to!).

How it Works


A simple blueprint on what to eat and what to cut out - inspired by Dr. Oz.


Studies have shows that your chances of success increase by 95% when you build in ongoing meetings with partners to check in on your progress.


Never feel like you are giving up your favorite foods; learn how to create sexy meals that satisfy you.




A two week challenge to re-program your body and metabolism back to its optimal state.


Sexy in 7 will put you in the right frame of mind every single day. We inspire through success stories and motivate through fun activities like your Sexy in 7 Vision Board, photo journaling, playing dress up, and more.


See real results week after week if you follow the Sexy in 7 Plan -- and get rewarded with a TREAT DAY every two weeks! PLUS, earn cash for any friend you refer that signs up!



What is the Total Body Reset Challenge?

The Total Body Reset (TBR) two week challenge replaces "UGLY FOODS" with "SEXY SWAPS".  In just two weeks, I reset my body and metabolism to it's optimal level. Every few days, the scale would go down more and more. I wasn't waiting for results to happen - they were happening and happening FAST.

The TBR Challenge cleansed my body from the ugly foods and from toxins.  I literally felt my body reset and guess what?  I no longer had the desire or cravings to eat wheat, processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, and even alcohol (I love a good glass of wine, but my body doesn't even want or desire this anymore! But don't worry, there is room for the occasional drink after the two week challenge if you prefer).

The shift that happens is INCREDIBLE. I feel like a new person.



Ready to get your sexy back?

Love Notes

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    You know that skinny feeling when you first wake up?  Well the Sexy in 7 plan makes you feel like this all the time!  I LOVE SEXY IN 7. I refer friends and earn CASH – really cool. I used...

    Marina L.
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  • Testimonial #2

    I’m completely AMAZED at how I’ve transformed my body by following the Sexy in 7 plan – I enjoy all my favorite foods, but I now know how to make my meals “sexy” – the meals I eat now are...

    Kendra M.
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  • Testimonial #1

    Sexy in 7 changed my life!  I lost 25 lbs and it’s amazing how much food I can eat and continue to stay thin consistently.  I used to be notorious for gaining a ton of weight and losing a ton...

    Karen C.
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